UK weather: 'Bitterly cold winds' and more ice as temperatures drop to -4C in south of England

Met Office has issued weather warnings for ice and snow

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Some parts of England could see 'bitterly cold winds' over the next few days as the ‘beast from the east’ continues to bring sub-zero temperatures and icy conditions.

The Met Office has issued yellow ‘be aware’ weather warnings for snow and ice across most of England for the rest of Thursday and Friday.

Freezing temperatures are expected to be as low as -4C in the south-east of England and -3C in the south-west. This pales in comparison to biting temperatures experienced in the village of Dalwhinnie, in the Scottish Highlands on Tuesday, which saw the mercury plummet to -11C.

A spokesperson for the Met Office said there is more of an emphasis on ice than snow over the coming days.

He told The Independent: “There has been some snow today and a few odd snow showers around so it is rolled into one warning. Even where snow is falling it could melt a bit in the next few hours.

“Temperatures across the south will be between zero and -1, where we could also see freezing icy surfaces, particularly on untreated pavements.

“The weekend in the main will be dry everywhere, cloudier in the north but less so in the south, where there will be a bit more in the way of sunshine. In the south, it will be a bit colder because of the easterly wind coming through.”

Schools were closed this week and drivers were urged to be careful on the roads when snow fell across parts of the country. Public Health England is warning people, especially the elderly and vulnerable, to be careful in the snow and keep warm at home.