UK weather: 'Blizzard-like snow' with 60mph gales, flood risks and bitterly cold temperatures

Snow will mostly fall over Northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland

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The weather will remain bitterly cold and extremely windy with “blizzard-like” snow and risks of flooding due to ‘super tides’ over the course of today and tomorrow.

Low temperatures of around 7-8C will be felt in most parts of the country however “severe gales” of up to 60 mph will make it feel much colder, the Met Office said.

A man died in hospital yesterday evening in Scarborough after being swept into the sea during gale-force winds while walking his dog with a friend, Sky News reports.

Up to 20 cm (eight inches) of sleet and snow is also due to fall over the next few days over northern parts of the country with high grounds of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Northern England getting most of the coverage.

Snow covered lanes in Sussex over the weekend

Five to 10cm of snow is forecast to fall over lower grounds, mainly around Cumbria and the Pennines.

Rain and sleet is also expected to fall over the west of the country and flood warnings are issued for areas in Wales, the north west and the south west of England due to some of the highest tides in 20 years.

‘Super tides’ are caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun, which are currently at the peak of an 18-year cycle.

The banks of the River Thames burst on Saturday after high tides and heavy rain submerged parts of west and south London.

Cars were parked amid several feet of water in Richmond while waves reached Bankside outside the Tate Modern gallery.

Drivers are warned to be prepared for poor visibility and icy roads caused by water spray, strong winds and flurries of snow while temperatures are set to drop below zero overnight.

Bright sunshine and some wintry showers are forecast for today and tomorrow in the east and south east of England.