UK weather: Cold snap to continue into next week as temperatures plummet to -3C

Scotland is seeing the coldest weather but no where in the UK hit double figures today

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Temperatures will plummet to as low as -3C tonight as the cold snap chilling Britain looks set to continue.

Only last weekend the UK was warmer than Rome and Athens at a balmy 17C but today the temperature is half that in some places.

Scotland is bearing the brunt of the cold but forecasters at the Met Office said parts of Cumbria and Wales could also see the mercury fall below freezing tonight.

Last weekend's warm temperatures, which hit 17C, have been replaced by wintry weather

The warmest temperatures – 8C – were seen in the south east of England today and the weather will struggle to get any warmer until the middle of next week.

“Temperatures are slightly below average now we’re in the meteorological spring but in March you tend to find a large variation in temperatures between warm and cold,” a forecaster at the Met Office said.

“At the moment we’ve got an easterly air flow bringing in cold air from continental Europe with a chilly breeze.”

The cold will continue for the coming days but most places will see dry and sometimes sunny conditions with scattered rain showers.

That rain could turn into sleet or even light snow over the Pennines but any snowfall will quickly melt.

“Sunny spells will be increasing next week, driving the temperatures up and by Wednesday or Thursday it will be closer to average seeing 12C or 13C,” the forecaster said.