UK weather: Colder, windier and with likelihood of risky icy road conditions and snow 'blizzards'

The weather warning increased to 'severe' today

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Britain is to be plunged into a deep freeze from today and the cold snap is expected to be made worse by strong winds and inches-thick layers of snow blanketing most parts of the country.

Flurries have already started to fall over Northern Ireland and Scotland and the snow is set to get heavier during rush hour this evening and also tomorrow morning. Police Scotland have urged drivers to take extra caution.


A severe cold front making its way down from the Arctic will bring an “90 per cent probability of icy conditions and heavy snow” with 5-10cm to fall over the next few days, said the Met Office.

AN61614609A dog walker walk.jpg
A dog walker in a snow blizzard in Sterling today

Temperatures will drop significantly tonight to 0C or even lows of around -5C. This comes after the beginning of the week started off with much milder weather of around 10C in the North and 8C in southern parts.

The forecaster has issued a cold weather alert that applies to the whole of England, particularly central and northern areas such as Yorkshire and Humber, the North East and the North West.

The weather warning increased to 'severe' today

There is a 70 per cent chance of extreme cold weather in the West Midlands, the East Midlands and the East of England.

Scotland and Northern Ireland will see the heaviest snow in rural parts and on high grounds where temperatures are expected to reach lows of around -13C.

Strong high winds will make snowy conditions worse and will bring on “blizzard-like” weather that would cause treacherous and difficult driving conditions for commuters and road-users.

The south has a 40 per cent chance of experiencing cold weather conditions such as snow and ice, according to the Met Office.

AN61632648A gritter and sno.jpg
A snowplough in operation in Cumbria this afternoon

A Met Office forecaster said: “A cold front is expected to cross the UK during Wednesday, introducing much colder conditions to central and northern England in particular.

“Very strong winds will accentuate the cold. Snow showers are likely in most areas, but especially the north west where significant accumulations are likely to build up, especially in hilly areas.”

Drivers should be aware of low visibility and slippery roads caused by snow showers and frost covering the ground, particularly early in the morning. Commuters are also urged to check for disruptions before travelling.

Wearing shoes with good grip to prevent falls and looking out for frail neighbours and family members is also advised, Public Health England said.