UK weather: Halloween set to be warmest on record, although temperatures may soon drop

Temperatures tomorrow could beat the previous record of 20C seen in Dartford in 1968

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This Halloween could be the warmest on record with temperatures rising to 21C, forecasters have predicted.

While temperatures are set to fall over the weekend and into next week, tomorrow could be warmer than the previous record of 20C seen in Dartford in 1968.

Met Office spokesman Dan Williams however said it was expected to get colder as a "weak cold front" moves across the country into Saturday, with temperatures falling to the average for this time of year.

He said temperatures on Saturday could fall to 17C before continuing to fall to 13C on Tuesday.

A blog published on the Met Office website says early figures, up to October 28, "show it has been a warm and rather wet month compared to average, but it’s not going to break any records."

The mean temperature for the month so far has been 11C - 1.5C above the long-term average from 1981 to 2010.

This would mean the month would rank as the 11th highest since records began in 1910.

The record average October temperature of 12.2C was set in 2001.

The Met Office said: "This October continues the theme of above average temperatures for 2014. Nine out of the ten months this year have seen above average mean temperatures, with only August having been below average."

According to Met Office figures, last month was the driest and one of the warmest Septembers in the UK since records began.

The country had just one fifth of the rain expected, with 19mm falling.

Temperatures meanwhile were also far above average, prompting a rush to the countryside and coast to bask in sunshine and 25C heat.