UK weather latest: Temperatures set to soar to 25C as tropical air sweeps country

While conditions will be mild, blue skies and full sunshine are not guaranteed

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Temperatures across the UK are set to spike next week as a tropical maritime air mass sweeps across the country, bringing balmy conditions. 

Highs of 25C are forecast in parts of the South East, but the change in wind direction will also usher in more humid conditions, according to the Met Office

While temperatures will be milder, bright blue skies and full sunshine are not guaranteed, a Met Office spokesperson told The Independent

The forecast will be a marked change from the high pressure easterly wind flow seen in previous weeks, that brought with it dry but cold conditions. 

The southwesterly flow will be much more humid and moist, the spokesperson said, and conditions may be more muggy. 

Temperatures should peak on Tuesday and Wednesday, and if they remain high, they could break the record for the hottest day of the year so far, set at 25.5C on 9 April in Cambridge.

The Environment Agency said it advised everyone to use water wisely, "especially during a period of dry weather".