Hold on to your cats: RSPCA warns that pets could be blown away in wild weather

Reports of cats being lifted into the air by wind

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It could literally start raining cats and dogs as high winds and storms threaten to blow pets away.

The RSPCA has issued warnings following reports of strong gusts in parts of the country lifting cats into the air.

Winds were expected to reach 80mph in the south of England and Wales in storm Ruth on Saturday, strong enough to bring down trees and hurl unsecured items around.

Alice Potter, an animal scientist with the charity, said: “Extreme weather like we’ve been seeing can spell trouble for animals as well as humans.

“It might be necessary to keep cats inside if the winds become very extreme.”

She urged people to ensure their pets have adequate shelter in the dangerous conditions.

Dogs are also at risk of being swept away by flood water during walks, she said, and owners should avoid dangerous conditions.

Eyewitnesses claimed cats were lifted into the air like “paper bags” when a “mini-tornado” hit Chobham in Surrey last month.

Months of terrible weather have made a group of penguins at Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary so grumpy that they are being given antidepressants.