UK weather: Summer set to return for the weekend with temperatures expected to reach 27C

Met Office forecast warmer temperatures for most of the UK

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Summer is set to return this weekend as temperatures are expected to hit highs of 27C.

Following a week of changing weather and a month's rainfall deluging the nation last Friday, the Met Office has forecast warmer temperatures for most of the UK over the weekend.

Nicky Maxey, a Met Office spokeswoman, told The Independent: “The whole of the country is going to see some warmer weather, we’ve got a low pressure system out in the Atlantic which is approaching the UK… so that’s going to bring some warmer air up… which will cross the UK.”

“Over the weekend, the temperatures for much of the country is in the high teens, low 20s,” she said.

Warm air coming from the continent meant that the south-east corner would see the best of the weather, with temperatures in London potentially reaching 26 or 27C on Sunday and Monday.

But Maxey said everywhere would see “nice pleasant temperatures”.

“There is some showery rain on Saturday for Scotland but for the UK, apart from the odd isolated shower here and there, on Saturday there should be some good spells of sunshine. Again on Sunday, some spells of sunshine but perhaps a little bit more cloudy,” she said.

Next week, the weather is set to be a mix of sunshine and showers with some blustery showers expected in the middle of the week.

Temperatures, Maxey said, would be staying around normal for this time of year next week, but “perhaps a little below normal the further north you go”.