Video: Boris trike for royal baby


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Boris Johnson has revealed the present he will be sending Prince George.

Speaking on radio station LBC, the London Mayor said that he would be sending the royal baby a blue tricycle.

When quizzed by presenter Nick Ferrari about where the trike had been bought, the Mayor sheepishly said 'pass'.

Johnson said: 'Unfortunately, I haven't personally been out shopping. I imagine it's a beautiful blue.'

He was quickly rescued by someone who said that the tricycle was still being built.

Johnson went on to joke: 'This is not in my briefing. I had the riots, I had fire not baby presents. I'm sending Prince George a beautiful blue, bouncing tricycle to get him on a bike as early as possible and [introduce] him to the joy of cycling.' 

Prince George who was born last month is third in line to the throne. His birth was a source of global media interest that had camera crews camped for weeks outside the hospital where he was born.