Video: Boy with rare medical condition writes poem about eating sausages

Jonathan He has captured the hearts of the nation with his poem about his favourite food

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A six-year-old boy who suffers from a rare genetic condition that stopped him from eating has written a poem about his favourite food after he was given the all-clear.

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Jonathan He spent five months in hospital unable to eat anything but can now tuck into his favourite food - sausages. The condition affected his immune system and prevented him from eating but he is now recovering.

In his short poem, Jonathan explained how much he missed eating sausages and thought about them 'day and night'.

Jonathan was presented with an award by Prince Harry for his bravery back in September. He wrote the poem and read it out on ITV News, much to the delight of the presenters and the nation.

He recently returned to the hospital to thank staff for their help at Christmas. Since leaving hospital, Jonathan has learned to cook and will be able to eat his favourite food again.