Video: Crocodile lives with man in Kent

Caesar the crocodile is proving a hit with the local children thanks to his docile nature

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When it comes to owning pets of the aquatic variety, most of us are happy to settle for the humble goldfish. But for Chris Weller from Kent, this won’t suffice.

The former prison office lives in his bungalow alongside Caesar, his six-foot long pet crocodile. Mr Weller, who says that he wanted a pet that he “didn’t have to take for walks” and that was “easy to look after”, spent £23,000 converting his home to accommodate for the sharp-toothed croc.

Does Caesar bite? “Initially I got a few bites when he was only about a foot long which a bit painful and a bit bloody,” says Mr Weller. But now, the supposedly aggressive reptile has something of a docile nature, and has proved a real hit with next-door’s children.

Further shattering the crocodile stereotypes, Mr Weller says that Caesar even has a certain fondness for relaxing to Classic FM of an evening.