Video: Is this the worst parking manoeuvre in history? Transport police hunt hopeless driver who smashed into vehicles in station car park

CCTV footage published on YouTube by police shows driver losing control of vehicle and accelerating into two parked cars

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British Transport Police have appealed to the public for help in finding a driver who smashed into two cars in a station carpark while executing what some have called possibly the worst parking manoeuvre in history.

CCTV footage, published on YouTube by police, shows the driver of a silver Ford Fiesta slowly reversing from a parking space before seemingly losing control of the vehicle and accelerating into two parked cars.

Police are now hunting the driver involved in the accident, which took place at Olton railway station, Solihull, earlier this month.

PC Ali Jama, the officer responsible for investigating the incident said: "We are now two months on from this incident taking place shortly after 1.20pm on Friday, 27 September.

"Despite extensive enquiries, officers have yet to trace the driver of the silver Ford which collided with three parked cars before the driver left the scene.

"So far, the driver has not reported the incident to police. I am today hoping that someone will recognise the car and/or the driver, and come forward with information which can assist the investigation.

"Unfortunately, the CCTV camera did not capture any part of the vehicle’s registration."

Police urged anyone who witnessed the incident to contact them on Freefone 0800 40 50 40 or text 61016.