Video: Royal Navy make hilarious parody of John Lewis' 'Monty the Penguin' advert

The video is part of the Navy's Yule the Waves campaign

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The Royal Navy has tried to remind the public of the sacrifices made by service men and women over Christmas with a hilarious parody of John Lewis’ Monty the Penguin Christmas advert.

The short video titled A Penguin named Jack, mirrors the story of the John Lewis advert in which a lovesick Penguin finds love with the help of his best human friend.

However, instead of hanging out in the park, in the garden or at home, the Navy video has a more nautical theme showing AB Lois Kelly and Lt Jamie Weller, aka Jack the Penguin, in various locations on-board a Navy ship.

In the video we see a number of tips of the hat to the original John Lewis advert, including the pair decorating a Christmas tree and Jack the Penguin stealing a fish finger from under the table as Kelly eats.

Like the John Lewis advert, the film ends with Jack the Penguin being reunited with not just one, but a colony of penguins.

the video ends with the message “Remembering sailors and Marines on duty around the globe this Christmas.”

The film was made over the last month as part of the Royal Navy’s Yule the Waves campaign to recognise all of the sacrifices made by all servicemen and women and raise awareness to the fact that not all personnel will be home for Christmas.

Alongside the video, the Yule the Waves team runs a tumblr blog where people can post messages and images to their loved ones.