Video: Severe weather rocks Cornwall


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Extreme weather is wrecking havoc on the South West of England. The Environment Agency has issued 21 of the most serious severe flood warnings, indicating that there is a threat to life or property, and to areas including Gloucestershire and Wales.

Storms and heavy rains have been battering Bude in North Cornwall, where huge waves have been rising over the sea wall. While cars struggle to drive through roads deluged by water that has breached the town's sea defences.

Rescue workers have been putting sand bags in front of houses to try and prevent as much flood damage as possible.

Britain is bracing itself for another series of devastating storms, as high tides, heavy rains and strong winds combine to cause yet more severe flooding to parts of the country.

The whole of the UK is facing “exceptional” bad weather in the coming days, with a high risk of flooding expected, particularly in coastal towns and villages.