Video shows the moment a Manchester cyclist ran a red light ... and hit a double-decker bus

Although he falls off his bike in the collision the man appears to walk away unscathed

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A video online shows the moment a cyclist in Manchester ran a red a light and went straight into the side of a double-decker bus.

Although he comes off his bike, the man appears to walk away unscathed.

The video, which has been viewed by more than 72,000 people, shows the cyclist cruising through a red light at a busy junction, hitting the bus and then picking himself up and continuing on his journey.

The incident occurred on May 18 at the junction between Portland Street and Oxford Street. It was filmed by a motorcyclist, who is passed by the cyclist as the two arrive at the traffic lights.

The motorcyclist, who calls himself Captf, posted the video to his Youtube channel, commenting: "On the way home tonight, witnessed a red light jumping cyclist meet the side of a bus. I have zero sympathies for the guy. But, he was OK in the end. If he had been ~1 second sooner, he’d be a smear along the road."

One commenter on the video claims to be the cyclist and says that although he realised at the last minute he would be unable to make the lights, when he braked to stop his front break cable snapped.