Video shows waterfall completely frozen over following days of cold weather in Derbyshire

Stunning footage has been captured showing a waterfall in the Derbyshire Peak District completely frozen over.

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The United Kingdom’s recent cold snap has seen the nation layer up with winter coats, scarves, and thermals as it braves the dropping temperatures, which have caused countless travel disruptions.

But, the cold weather has also brought some incredible scenes of beauty; and the video above is another example of this.

The footage shows Kinder Downfall, a waterfall in the Derbyshire Peak District, completely frozen over.


The video shows Will Flanagan exploring "the stunning icicles” at Kinder Downfall.

The cameraperson has said "after days of sub-zero temperatures the 100ft waterfall finally froze over last night."

Mr Flanagan reportedly set off at dawn to get up to the waterfall.

"I've been watching the overnight temperatures and thought there'd be a chance it would be frozen today."

"I could hear it [the ice] cracking beneath my feet and I saw a few giant icicles crash down, so I didn't stay up there very long.”

"It was an awesome spectacle and one of the most extreme walks I've ever done."