Video: Storm chasers take on the waves in Red Bull challenge


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After waiting over half a year for the perfect storm, four windsurfers have finally taken to the waves in Cornwall amid some the worst weather to hit Britain in 2014.

The daring windsurfers were competing in the final round of the Red Bull Storm Chase competition which only takes place during in the biggest storms in the world.    

The contenders windsurfed in hurricane conditions in St Ives Bay as winds reached 80mph and towering waves threatened to engulf them.

The windsurfers have waited over an 18-month period for the three biggest storms to strike across the world so they could compete.

The competition started in January 2013 and involved 10 of the world's top windsurfers, who entered the challenge via a public nomination.

The contenders were then whittled down by the judges over two rounds which required them to wait for the most extreme weather conditions.

The first heat took place in Ireland in January last year and the second in Tasmania, Australia back in August.

In breath-taking footage of final leg this week, each windsurfer takes on the waves in turn during the monster storm that wreaked havoc on the south west of England on Monday.

Each man is at the mercy of the sea and is tossed through the air as he tries to stay afloat.

Despite only weighing 60kg Frenchman Thomas Traversa was crowned the storm chase champion, while Marcilio Browne of Brazil and Leon Jamaer from Germany came in second and third place respectively.

The Met Office today issued a red warning for people living on the West coast urging them to stay indoors as 100mph winds are set to hit Britain.

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