Video: Watch twin babies play peekaboo

The girls were supposed to be asleep but they had other ideas

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A heart-warming video of twins playing a game of peekaboo in their cots has gone viral after their father covertly caught the pair on camera.

Molly and Megan Keher from Liverpool were supposed to be fast asleep in their cots but the two girls had other ideas.

It was only when their father, Andy, heard the one-year-olds giggling in their bedroom that he looked in and found them playing the game.


He managed to secretly film the twins for a minute and a half before one of them noticed their father was watching them.

Mr Keher told the Liverpool Echo, “I crept in and videoed them playing peekaboo with each other which is something I’d never seen before."

"I know they’re little stars in the making but I just didn’t think anyone else would be that interested,” he added.

The video was uploaded to Facebook on Sunday (5 October) and racked up a million views in one day, the clip now has been watched over 2 million times – and counting.