Video: Woman survives being crushed between three cars during terrifying high speed crash in Birmingham


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A woman has escaped unscathed after being crushed between three cars while attempting to cross a busy road in Birmingham.

The terrifying high speed crash, which was caught on a nearby shop’s CCTV camera, shows a woman wearing white attempting to cross Birmingham’s busy Alum Rock Road between two parked cars.

As a silver car edges out of a junction opposite, a red hatchback races along the packed road.

After it smashes into the silver car, the speeding hatchback careers into the line of parked vehicles, slamming the silver car into the woman.

Incredibly, the woman managed to escape the accident with only ‘non-life threatening head injuries’.

Another woman and a 10-year-old boy were also injured in the pile-up but are expected to make a full recovery.

Nobody has yet been arrested for the crash, which occurred at 3.40pm on October 20.