Village sets up Facebook page over its 'embarrassment' of a Christmas tree

Residents of Mottram want a 'bigger and better' tree for the festive season

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A village in Greater Manchester has set up a Facebook page to complain about its community Christmas tree.

“The Embarrassment of Mottram Christmas Tree!” has been established by residents of Mottram, in Longendale, who feel that they deserve “bigger and better”.

Photographs posted on the page show a fairly small evergreen topped with a star and decorated with white lights and a few baubles – and one social media user dubbed it the “worst Xmas tree in the UK”.

Other Facebook users joked that the tree resembled a “twig” and posted pictures of people standing next to it to highlight its small stature.

And another user suggested that residents should join together to add more decorations and “show this tree some love”.


However, it turns out the tree may be more impressive in years to come. A council spokesperson told the The Independent that the tree is rooted in the ground.

It could rival Trafalgar Square yet...