Mother and daughters mistaken for sisters prompt implausible copycats

Twitter and Facebook point out the obvious

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In February, a photo of three American women caused a frenzy on social media, as people attempted to work out which of them was the mother, and which were the twin daughters.

Posted on Twitter by Kaylan Mahomes from Indianapolis, the photo was captioned “Mom, twin & me”, but very few people were able to decide which one was the mother in the family (the woman on the left) – so much so that some were even convinced they were triplets.

Unfortunately this appears to have prompted a spate of "similar" stories, such as one recently published in The Sun about a London family.

The Sun wrote: "Meet the London gran, mum and daughter who look the same, party together and talk sex."

Grandmother Gwen Slade, 65, her daughter Jemima Slade, 44, and 16-year-old granddaughter Lily Slade, told the newspaper they go on nights out together - and hold "Who wears it better?" nights.

Soon after the story was published, the claims began to attract ridicule on Twitter and Facebook, with many suggesting they don’t actually look that similar at all...


Do you think they look like sisters?