Volunteer group slams group of friends who abandoned girl throwing up on the street

Friends claimed they would return to retrieve ‘Emily’ but did not, despite having the key to her house 

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A group of friends who “mocked” and “abandoned” their friend after she was so drunk she had been sick have been criticised by a volunteer group. 

An open letter penned by Cheltenham Guardians on Facebook, recounted how the girl, named only as Emily, needed looking after for two hours while her friends repeatedly chose not to help.

Her friends had apparently said they would come and retrieve Emily but did not, despite having the key to her house. 

"When we found Emily she had already been sick in the back of a taxi and in the care of taxi marshals. When we contacted you, you told us that you would wait outside a club on Regent Street for her,” the letter said.

"We were keen to return her to her friends and into your care. We took Emily to the club and you were not there. We waited, and still you didn't come. We contacted you again as we were concerned for Emily's welfare.”

The post also added the volunteers waited for Emily’s friends to return but they never came. 

"You found it funny that your friend was in a state, you told us again that you would come for her so we waited, and still you never came….

"We told you that we would need to call Emily an ambulance as we could help her no further, we did not have the answers, you did, yet you found it funny, you mocked us, and still you never came.

"Friends of Emily, we looked after your friend for two hours. We cared for her unconditionally whilst you purposefully gave us the runaround, hindered our progress, and despite our pleas you never came.

The letter from Cheltenham Guardians ends with a guarantee that the volunteers will look after Emily’s friends if they ever find themselves in a similar situation. 

"One day you may find yourself in our care. We will care for you unconditionally, we will ensure you are safe. 

"I hope you read this and understand that you tied up valuable resources for over two hours and forced the attendance of an emergency ambulance at a cost to the NHS of £300. Most of all you were not a friend of Emily's. 

"I hope you enjoyed your night at the expense of us, South Western Ambulance Service and Emily. Great job guys, you can be really proud of yourselves."