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A firm of solicitors has come under fire for an advertisement supposedly pushing people towards divorce.

Lawyers2you, a service provided by Blakemore Solicitors, has put up an advertising board in Birmingham city centre stating that those "unhappy with their partner" should speak to Lawyers2you "in confidence to discuss your options". The advert, based in the Paradise Forum shopping centre, has been branded by city councillor Peter Douglas Osborn as putting the idea of family "under attack".

"We must ask whether touting for business amongst the saddest part of life is encouraging people to end their relationships and do long-term damage to children," he said.

Lawyers2you, based in Birmingham, was unavailable for comment yesterday. However, the Solicitors Regulation Authority, which oversees more than 120,000 solicitors across England and Wales, said that the ad did not seem to breach its code of conduct, but just hightlighted the services offered.