Watch a ghost move a chair in an empty room

Other incidents have taken place in the theatre over the years

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There were spooky goings-on in a theatre in Essex over the weekend after a CCTV camera captured footage of a chair appearing to move by itself in a deserted auditorium.

The short 44-second video from the Brookside Theatre in Romford shows the chair shifting of its own accord at around 4.15 on Sunday morning.

The theatre manager and playwright Jai Sepple said that many strange and unexplained things have happened over the years but admitted that this was the “freakiest” incident.

He added that he didn't usually look at the CCTV footage but happened to watch it and spot the spine-tingling moment.

“When I looked back at the CCTV, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!” Mr Sepple told the Romford Recorder.

The plot thickens after it emerged that psychic Roy Roberts had been performing on stage only hours earlier.

The theatre was originally the Romford War Memorial Social Club and opened in 1953. But as the town developed over the years the building fell into disrepair and was abandoned.

It was only in 2012 that the theatre was renovated and restored in an initiative led by Mr Sepple and other volunteers.