Weird and weirder: I never knew *that* about Royal reproduction...


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Just when it felt, 18 months after THAT wedding and six months on from the Diamond Jubilee, that there was nothing more to learn about the Royals, along comes the baby bombshell (who’d have thought a young, affluent, married couple might do that?), and with it a whole raft of strange speculations and truly bizarre facts.

It seems as though anyone with eyes (or who’s experienced morning sickness) is an instant expert. From articles confidently declaring that: “When they saw that new hairdo, every woman knew!” – yep, a long fringe is definite proof of an occupied womb – to assertions about the location of and run up to the conception (it happened in the couple’s rented Welsh farmhouse; Kate was off the malaria pills when it happened), it’s open season on random “facts”.

Then there are the snippets of information that are too weird to be wild speculation. “[Kate’s treatment is being] over seen by the Queen’s former gynaecologist Marcus Setchell” said a report in the Evening Standard. Setchell also, according to the BBC, delivered the Countess of Wessex’s two children. Nice to keep it in the family. Another account of the childhoods of other Royals revealed that Prince Charles only saw his mother on weekends and did not see his father for a whole year.

With around seven months to go until the little princeling/princess pops out,  brace yourself for more strange tales about Royal gestations periods.