Welcome to Amsterbrixton, with a cannabis café on every corner

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Brixton will become a draw for drug tourists if plans to open three Amsterdam-style cannabis cafés in the area win approval.

Tim Summers, a Brixton resident and legalisation campaigner, wants cafés to be licensed for the sale and consumption of cannabis as they are in Holland.

He envisages three cafés, one run by Rastafarians, another catering for the hippie community, and a central take-away outlet, open long hours "to serve Brixton and London's massive needs". Cannabis would be sold only in quantities of less than 30 grams, to over-18s.

The scheme would require Home Office approval and further changes to the law.

"Prohibition is rotten. It is hated and despised," says Mr Summers. "We will soon see the days of cannabis prohibition ended forever."