Welsh hairdresser bans bigots from his salon with window sign: 'If you are racist, sexist, homophobic or an a***hole ...don't come in'

Hairdresser says he reacted to a customer who refused to let a colleague cut his son's hair - because he's gay

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A hairdresser has banned all bigots from visiting his salon in Wales after a father refused to let one of stylists cut his 10-year-old son’s hair – because he was gay.

Russell Hughes – who owns Russell Paul Hairdressing in Denbighshire, north-east Wales – placed a sign in his window reading: ‘If you are racist, sexist, homophobic or an a***hole ...don't come in’.

Describing how, this week, he was busy with a client, Mr Hughes, 49, asked his colleague, Richard Evans, 23, to see to some parents who had walked into the hairdressers with their son.

He said: “The man came up to me at that point and said: ‘I’m not being funny, but did you just say that lad’s going to cut my son’s hair?’ to which I replied: ‘Yes’.

“’He then said: ‘Well, I assume he’s gay and I don’t want him cutting my lad’s hair, so could you do it?’ to which I said no because I’m gay as well.”

Mr Hughes said the man stormed out of the salon with his wife and son, adding that the staff was left in shock.

The hairdresser took to Facebook to post about the incident which attracted a massive response from the public.

Having been on the High Street with his salon for 14 years, Mr Hughes said he had seen the sign online for years – and now had the perfect reason to proudly display it in his salon’s window.

He said: “Now was the time to get it. I've put it in the window to make sure we don't get people like that in here again.”