Will Marks and Spencer's digital manicure transform our digits?

  • @RebeccaJ

With the Total Recall reboot in the works, it's timely to remember the vision of the future the original gave us.

Pretty much all I can remember about the 1990 version is that Arnie goes to Mars and that there's a lady with three breasts (she's in the new version, unsuprisingly) – and a beauty innovation that I still hope will come to pass: namely, nail varnish that changes colour when you prod your nails with a stylus.

Imagine my delight, then, when I heard that Marks & Spencer has just launched a makeover service where you can try out all of the colours of the nail varnish available in its swank new beauty halls at the touch of a button. The future has landed! Our digits have gone digital so no more waiting for wet nails to dry or realising too late that the hot coral hue looks more girdle-gusset pink in real life.

Hang on. The button that makes the makeover happen is on your mouse. And the instant nail-colour update is virtual, via marksandspencer.com. That's a nail in the coffin of that idea, alas.