Woman sues pub for £4.2 million after tripping on beer garden rope

She claims injuries caused by the accident have ruined her career

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An HR consultant who fractured her wrist after tripping outside a London pub is suing the owners for £4.2 million in damages.

Carmen Mazo was injured after stumbling over a beer garden boundary rope at The Westbourne pub in Notting Hill, run by the artist Sebastian Boyle, the Guardian reports.

The 43-year-old has claimed the injury, which happened in August 2009, destroyed her career.

She said she expected to have been earning £700 a day by now, but following the incident has been forced to retrain in another career and descend to “the bottom of the ladder”.

Following the accident, Ms Mazo took several months off work after which she returned, only to leave three years later.

Ms Mazo also claims the accident and subsequent post-traumatic arthritis has caused scarring on her wrist, leaving her in fear of being branded a self-harmer, and has had a detrimental impact on her mental health and social life.

In 2013, Ms Mazo was awarded £156,871 at Central London County Court after the pub’s owners admitted liability for the accident, however she claims this is only a fraction of what she deserves.

Judge Heather Baucher rejected her claim to more than £4.2 million after finding the injury was not enough to justify Ms Mazo giving up her work.

Yet she has now been given permission to appeal her original pay-out and take the claim further after a top judge said it was arguable Judge Baucher was incorrect.

Her case is now set to go before three senior judges.

Ms Menzo told the Telegraph: "My career has always been my refuge to block away unpleasant circumstances in my personal life, but now I am finding that because of a bartender's irresponsibility I could end up with no career or purpose in life. “