Young mum labelled a 'tramp' for breastfeeding daughter in public

Emily Slough launches campaign to hold mass breastfeeding event in Rugeley

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A woman has launched a mass breastfeeding protest after she was labelled a tramp online for feeding her daughter in public.

Emily Slough, 27, began her campaign after a picture of her feeding eight-month-old Matilda was posted on a Facebook page called 'Spotted Rugeley' on Friday with the following description:"I know the sun is out n all that but there's no need to let your kid feast on your nipple in town!!! Tramp."

The post has since been removed from Facebook and the comments deactivated.

The mother said she was "shocked" when she discovered what had been said about her: "The mentality of the individual that attempted to shame me for feeding my daughter makes me so angry."

"I am very confident and comfortable with my breastfeeding, but I know plenty who aren't and don't even humour the idea of nursing because of some ridiculous stigma attached to it and fear of embarrassment, humiliation and non-acceptance."

She told the BBC: "I think somebody from the bar across the road from where I was feeding Matilda took a photo of me and posted it on Facebook, along with a caption saying I was a tramp," she said.

In response the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) said the comment was "dreadful".

"One of my friends messaged me to say they had seen it. I'm not the sort of person to get upset by things like that. At first I was just going to ignore it, but then I decided to make an example of it," Ms Slough said.

In response to the post Emily received messages of support from around the world and has launched a campaign to hold a mass breastfeeding event in the Rugeley this  Saturday, with more than 1,000 supporters expected to attend.

A number of local businesses have also backed the campaign and similar events are expected to take place in York and Swansea.

Writing on her Facebook page Ms Slough said: "I've had an absolutely overwhelming amount of support and I am thankful for each and every one of you who has backed me in my campaign to normalise public breast feeding."

Breastfeeding in public is covered by the Equality Act which came into force in October 2010. The act says that it is sex discrimination to treat a woman unfavourably because she is breastfeeding.

The act means the right to breastfeed in public places is protected.