Hoover moves to bolster free flights promotion

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HOOVER yesterday moved to defuse controversy over its free flights promotion by appointing two extra travel agents to handle requests for more than 200,000 tickets.

The huge demand resulted from Hoover's offer, now closed, of two free return flights to European destinations to anyone buying a Hoover product costing more than pounds 100. The promotion has led to shops selling out of vacuum cleaners and the factory in Cambuslang, Strathclyde, switching to seven-day working. A current offer of two return flights to the US is proving as popular.

Hoover rejected reports that the customers would be denied their free tickets. It said they could ring a helpline on 0685 373344 from next Monday.

In yesterday's article on free flight offers, it was incorrectly stated that the purchase of 12 cans of Foster's lager entitled the buyer to enter a draw for a free airline ticket. The entitlement is to a free flight to one of 31 worldwide destinations when one Apex return flight is purchased.