Hotel pools 'most likely to be dirty'

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HOTEL swimming pools are the most likely to have dirty water, because of a lack of trained staff, according to a new study.

The Institution of Environmental Health Officers singled out hotel pools and paddling pools as having the poorest water quality controls. Officers from 196 local councils, 40 per cent of the total, contributed information on the types of pools in their jurisdiction and how often their water was checked by the owners and by council officers.

About 6 per cent of all pools were so badly maintained that there was a risk of them causing harm to swimmers, the institution said. The survey found that 45 per cent of pool operators had not seen written guidance from the Government on pool water quality, issued five years ago.

More than a quarter had no written procedures on how they should ensure pool water was kept clean, and one-eighth did not routinely monitor how clear the water was. This not only gave a good indication of cleanliness, but helped to ensure that lifeguards could see anybody on the pool floor.

The institution concludes that owners and operators need to be better trained and to be given more back-up by manufacturers and suppliers.

It also believes that its members should be more willing to use the enforcement powers which Acts of Parliament have given them, to ensure that pools are maintained to standard.