How Much Did He Earn?: No 17: Justin Fashanu.

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Professional footballer, Britain's first black pounds 1m player. Fifteen years with 14 different clubs including Norwich and Nottingham Forest. Nickname - 'Fash the cash'.

Age: 31

Salary: pounds 1,000 a week until last Thursday when Heart of Midlothian sacked him for 'conduct unbecoming'. He had admitted trying to sell a fabricated story about 'three-in-a-bed gay sex romps' with Cabinet ministers to a tabloid newspaper for pounds 300,000.

Perks: Bonuses for each match won, travel in European cup competitions. Free tickets for Hearts home matches. Lucrative deals with tabloid newspapers for stories about his private life including his friendship with Coronation Street star Julie Goodyear. First-class airline tickets and pounds 1,000-a-day expenses paid by Fleet Street editors. Magazine modelling. Cut-price designer clothes. Book deals and investments in wine bars and nightclubs.

Family: Single.

Home: pounds 175,000 rented flat in Edinburgh's fashionable New Town.

Hobbies: Body building, gay nightclubs, champagne.

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