How Much Do They Earn?: No 13: Bank Clerk

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Tracy Waller, senior clerk with National Westminster Bank based in Southend, Essex. Has more than seven years' experience.

Age: 23

Salary: pounds 9,000. Is on clerical grade three (five is highest).

Perks: Christmas bonus based on performance-related pay - from nothing to 5 per cent of salary. A profit share paid in March - expected to be low this coming year after NatWest has paid redundancy to the 4,200 staff it announced that it would be shedding in the next 12 months. (Barclays Bank is axeing 3,000.) Special mortgage rate - 7 per cent compared with 7.74. A free credit card and preferential rates. Interest- free loans for season tickets and car-park fees. Interest- free loan for a car. All staff must keep in credit and have all accounts in 'good working order'. As many pens and sheaves of paper as you can use at work. A uniform - suits for men, blouses for women.

Family: Single

Home: Rents a house with friends.

Hobbies: 'I don't have time.'

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