How much do they earn?: No 2: Police Constable in London

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Annual salary: pounds 12,743 (starting salary) to pounds 21,266 (after 15 years) plus overtime: more than 30 minutes paid at time-and-one-third or time in lieu; for working on a rest day with more than eight days' notice, time-and-a-half; with less than eight days' notice, additional rest day; public holidays paid at double time.

Perks: Use of own bicycle: pounds 50pa

Use of own typewriter: pounds 20pa

Plainclothes allowance: pounds 252pa

Stocking allowance (WPC's only): pounds 25pa

Use of foreign language, European: pounds 410pa; other: pounds 640pa

Passing PC's exam: pounds 45

Dog-handling allowance: pounds 915pa (superintendents and above: pounds 1,251pa. 'Presumably their dogs eat more,' said one Home Office source)

Dealing with mutilated or decomposed corpse: pounds 15.51 to pounds 23.23 per incident

Police regulation spectacles: paid in full

Refreshment allowance: pounds 4.38 for one meal, pounds 6.17 for two

Subsistence allowance: away from designated station for more than five hours and up to eight, pounds 6.17; up to 24 hours, pounds 14.65

Lodging allowance (if away for more than one day): pounds 40.44

House moving allowance: All removal expenses and incidentals.

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