How much do they earn?: The Clintons

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No 11: William Jefferson Clinton, 42nd President of the United States, and Hillary Rodham Clinton, First Lady.

Ages: 47 and 46 respectively

Salaries: Bill, dollars 200,000 taxable, plus dollars 50,000 expense allowance, dollars 100,000 travel allowance (non-taxable), dollars 20,000 entertainment allowance; (former salary dollars 35,000 as Governor of Arkansas); Hillary, nothing, despite prominent role in reform of American health care system - as she pointed out, they are a 'two for the price of one' package (formerly on dollars 120,000 as a Little Rock lawyer, plus around dollars 70,000 from company directorships including Arkansas's TCBY yogurt corporation).

Perks: Free accommodation in The White House , 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC 20500 (recently done up for dollars 396,429). Black 23ft armour-plated Cadillac with two stereo systems and built-in PA system (worth around dollars 250,000). Private plane, Air Force One, the Presidential Boeing 747. Pension of dollars 69,630 a year for life, plus up to dollars 96,000 a year for office help for former Presidents - and free mailing privileges.

Hobbies: Expensive hair- dos (Bill, pounds 133 by 'elite stylist' Christopher on Air Force One at Los Angeles airport, plus pounds 54,000 to close two runways for nearly an hour; Hillary, pounds 170, by New York's Frederic Fekkai). Healthy eating and broccoli rehabilitation.

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