How Much Does He Earn?: No 10: Noel Edmonds, television entertainer.

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Age: 44

Estimated salary: pounds 2.5m from the BBC plus money from rights to Noel's House Party and Telly Addicts. Has his own company, Unique Group with a 50 per cent stake in Mr Blobby. He has recently set up Noel's Corporate House Party. Customers will be able to hire Mr Edmonds and Mr Blobby for private parties. Costs will range from pounds 40,000 to pounds 110,000.

Perks: 'Everyone knows who he is and wants to meet him' (says his agent).

Home: a 850-acre estate in the West Country, which he shares with his second wife and three daughters.

Hobbies: Boys' toys - Bentleys, Range Rovers, racing cars and helicopters.

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