How much does he earn?: No 15: British Army private serving with the UN in Bosnia.

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Salary: An 'average-rank' private - class 2, band 1 - can expect to earn pounds 27.39 per day ( pounds 9,997.35 per year) before tax. He/she will also receive dollars 1.28 (about 85p) per day for serving with the UN and a 'one-off' payment of dollars 73.50 (about pounds 49) as a contribution towards leave.

Perks: Soldiers who are married can claim 'separation allowance' of pounds 3.50 per day. This comes into effect after 30 days.

Those who have served in Germany who have been in receipt of a 'local overseas allowance' retain a residual 70 per cent if they are married, 40 per cent if they are single. (In Germany, the cost of living is considered to be expensive - the residual 70 per cent is to help pay for the family still living there.)

All soldiers receive pounds 13.50 per month telephone allowance.

Transport: Free, to and from Bosnia.

Accommodation: Free barracks accommodation.

Miscellaneous: Unmarried soldiers do not have to pay council tax.

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