How much does he earn?: No 34: An Yan Lim Kee Chong. World Cup '94 Referee from Mauritius (Brazil v Russia)

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Salary: Fifa won't decide until the start of the next round how much should go into a 'pot' to be divided between the referees. In the last World Cup, they each got USdollars 5000 ( pounds 3,333). In the meantime, he receives dollars 175 ( pounds 117) a day for expenses. In Mauritius, as a qualified referee in the first division, he gets 400 rupees ( pounds 15.70) a game for 22 to 25 games a season. Then he has his salary of 10,000 rupees ( pounds 392.62) a month from his job as a customs clerk.

Age: 34

Perks: He sees the World Cup free, and there are flights to and from home, business class (around pounds 4,100). He will stay at the world-famous Coopers' Aerobic Centre - dollars 125 ( pounds 84) a night.

Home: A house in the Mauritian village of St Paul where he lives with his wife and two children.

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