How much does he earn?: No 43: Civil Aviation Authority air traffic control officer.

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Age: Maximum starting age for training is 26 years old, and retirement for both men and women is at 60.

Salary: Starting salary of Initially pounds 19,540 (plus unsocial hours payment of pounds 3,403). A senior air traffic control officer at GatwickAirport, involved in directing around about 200,000 aircraft movements each year, can earn up to pounds 45,503 (including unsocial hours payment). At Heathrow, The salary is pounds 5,311 higher at Heathrow (including a London weighting allowance); and lower at regional airports.

Hours: Work runs in ten 10-day cycles: two morning shifts; two afternoon shifts; two night shifts; and four days' rest time. Each shift lasts for eight hours, divided into work and rest periods,: for example, 2 hourstwo hours' work, 30 minutes' rest, 1 hours one hour's work, 20 minutes' rest, and so on.

Holiday Allowance: 28 days each year in addition to shift rest days.

Qualifications: Training at Hurn Aairport, in Bournemouth, takes 1 and a half years18 months, and trainees must have at least 5 GCSEs and two A-levels.

Perks: All air traffic controllers receive free (compulsory) medical checks on a frequent basis. Those over 40 must be checked over once a year. The Civil Aviation Authority will pay relocation fees if they transfer controllers from one airport to another. Some flight reductions are available. Luncheon vouchers are issued at certain control centres.

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