How much does he earn?: No 9: The Ven George Austin, Archdeacon of York since 1988.

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Age: 62

Salary: pounds 19,780 next year, plus freelance earnings for his writing and broadcasting.


Free house (an agreeable semi in the village of Bishopthorpe outside York, just down the road from the Archbishop's Palace); free car loan; all work expenses paid by the Church: the Archdeacon works from home. Like all members of the clergy, he has access to St Luke's Hospital in central London. But, unlike a bishop, he must do his own driving.


He is a member of the Athenaeum, as are the Arhbishop of York, Dr John Habgood, and Lord Runcie, the former Archbishop of Canterbury. It is difficult to imagine him settling for anywhere less grand.

Marital status:

Married for 31 years to Roberta ('Bobbie'), a forceful former schoolteacher, who is now his secretary. One son, a journalist.


Food, media appearances, Church politics.

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