How much does she earn? Edwina Currie

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No 14: Edwina Currie. Conservative MP for Derbyshire South.

Age: 47

Salary: pounds 30,854 as an MP. Advance from publishers for her novel, A Parliamentary Affair, published by Hodder & Stoughton in February, pounds 100,000, plus television serialisation rights estimated at between pounds 75,000 and pounds 125,000.

Directorship of Tower House (Findern) Ltd, a family business.

Income (unknown) from broadcasting, journalism and related activities.

Perks: expenses, general office running costs: as MP pounds 40,380 pa.

Overnight and subsistence allowances as MP: up to pounds 10,958 pa for staying overnight in London.

Travel expenses: as MP, first 20,000 miles of motoring costs reimbursed at 28.8p and 68.2p per mile according to engine size. Travel warrants for all journeys on parliamentary business. Travel warrants for spouse and children.

Miscellaneous: as MP, free stationery and postage. Free inland telephone calls from Parliament.

Family: husband, two daughters.

House: windmill conversion on top of a hill in Findern.

Hobbies: family, domestic arts, writing.

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