Howling into sunset sparks protest

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A WOMAN who has dedicated nine years to breeding a pack of part-wolves has sparked protests from the inhabitants of a neighbouring village, writes Andrew Gliniecki.

Sharon Harrington-Hawes, known locally as the Wolf Woman, keeps 15 of the part-Alsatian, part-wolf, animals at her secluded farmhouse near the village of Carno, in Powys.

Montgomery District Council has ordered her to cut the number to four following complaints that they were causing distress with prolonged bouts of howling at sunset.

But Miss Harrington-Hawes has refused to comply with an enforcement notice and has appealed to the Welsh Office which will hold a public inquiry. Originally there were about 30 canines on the premises, but after a visit from the RSPCA, which was concerned that she was keeping too many animals, the pack was reduced by half. The RSPCA also advised her to apply for special licences required for keeping pets descended from wolves.

Alun Phillips, a member of Carno Community Council, said: 'We think the world of Sharon in Carno. I gather she thinks of these animals as part of the family. But really, things have got out of hand.'