'I strangled her. Do you still want me?': On the recording, Keith Hall tells undercover PC 'Liz' he killed his wife

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LIZ ASKED where Patricia was: 'She's in Tenerife?' Mr Hall replied: 'No . . . she's dead.'

L: How do you know she's dead?

H: How do you think I know?

L: (Sobbing) I don't know, I honestly don't know Keith.

H: Do you want to know what really happened? It might screw you up. I was sleeping downstairs, then I woke up. I strangled her. It wasn't as simple as that. There was a voice in my head telling me to do it. I'm sorry. Does that change anything? Do you still want me?

L: Tell me once, because I never want to hear this again . . . I don't want you to mention it again. I don't want you to bring it up in front of the kids. I don't want anybody to hear this again.

H: I strangled her.

L: Why, why, why?

H: I don't know. I heard some voice in my head saying 'Do it'.

L: Why did you?

H: I don't know.

L: Why, tell me?

H: Because I don't want to lose you.

L: Why did you strangle her?

H: I just don't know.

L: Did the kids see it?

H: No one saw it.

L: I want to help you. Why did you do it?

H: (Crying) I don't honestly know, there was a voice in my head saying 'Do it'.

L: What had she done? She must have done something to you, you wouldn't have done that unless she had done something.

H: She was wanting to cut me out of everything, that's all.

L: But you were better than she ever was with the kids, you told me.

H: I don't know. I should never have told you, I'm sorry.

L: We needed to know.

H: It was that Sunday. Saturday had been good and then she just started up again. She hadn't been right good to me for a long time and she just turned on me again. Something in my head told me that was it, that was finito. I didn't plan nothing, I just did it.

L: I know you didn't, I know you didn't. (Hall pleaded with Liz not to leave him and told her he loved her. He then explained how he had got rid of his wife's body.)

L: What if they find her, what if they find her?

H: Listen, it's been 12 months. They won't, there's no body.

L: (Hysterical) What do you mean there's no body, where's it gone? Are you sure they'll never find it? Why?

H: They're never going to get it.

L: Are you sure they will never find it? What if they do?

H: They will never, ever.

L: How do you know?

H: I know they won't.

L: They might.

H: I burnt it.

L: How can you burn it? You just can't burn it.

H: Liz, I am sorry.

L: Don't be sorry. I am shaking, I am so scared.

H: I put every trust in you, you know that don't you? Don't let me down please.

L: I know I won't.

H: It's not just for me, it's for the kids. I am sorry.

L: Don't be sorry. Shh, shh. I am glad it was me you told. Shh, shh, shhh. Are you all right now? You will be all right now. You needed someone, Keith.

H: I needed to trust someone.

L: I know you did . . . Are you sure they won't find the body?

H: Yes, positive. Listen. This is totally stupid, she was going to do herself in. She tried it once. Her sister still won't believe that . . .

L: Did you stop her?

H: Yes. Where do we go from here?

L: You'll have to try to be normal.

H: I have spent 12 months trying to be normal. I love you.

L: I love you too.

H: Do you know something? The night before they arrested me I had a mate round. He was as drunk as a skunk and I told him they were going to come and arrest me on suspicion. I sensed it. It's not daft, I actually sensed they were going to come and so in a way I had prepared myself for it. They were that certain they would get me and break me, and when they couldn't get a dicky bird out of me they were gobsmacked. They wouldn't even talk to the solicitor.

L: I don't want us ever to talk about this again, promise?

H: Promise, absolutely. I just can't believe you are still sat there. You are good enough for me.

L: I don't want to make the same mistake.

H: You won't . . . It was all part of her disease. It wasn't just overnight. It had gone on for years.

L: If anything ever happens between you and me, we never mention this has happened. We never mention this again. I am serious.

H: I am going. You don't want me to stay with you a bit longer? You can come to my house. Come and spend the night with me.

L: Let me get used to this idea first.

H: Not necessarily for sex either, that's a bonus. That's what we both want. Not sex, making love.

L: We have still got what we have got, I like to think.