ICI staff win 14.5% pay rise

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THREE thousand of ICI's 19,000 workers have had a wage increase of 14.5 per cent over the past 12 months, writes Andrew Gliniecki. The increase comes against the background of stringency on pay. Private sector pay rounds are averaging 3 per cent and the Government is seeking a 1.5 per cent pay limit in the public sector.

The increase includes a 6 per cent rise, negotiated at a local level, which came in at the beginning of this year, deriving from a 1991 agreement which will radically alter ICI working practices.

It also comprises a 5.1 per cent increase through the company's annual pay negotiation last June, and a further 3.5 per cent the following month stemming from ICI's profit-sharing scheme.

An ICI spokesman said that the 6 per cent and 3.5 per cent figures were linked to profit-sharing and working conditions and should not be confused with the annual negotiated wage increase.