Increase in family spending is double rate of inflation

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THE average family spent pounds 271 a week last year despite the recession, Government statistics showed yesterday. The weekly bill for the average household in 1992 was 5.8 per cent up on the previous year - double the rate of inflation.

Most of the money went on food and housing (about 18 per cent each); motoring and other transport and leisure each took 15 per cent.

Figures from the Central Statistical Office showed that the average gross weekly household income was pounds 342.90 compared with pounds 338.20 a year earlier.

The CSO's survey of 7,000 households, due to be published next month, found that the average family spends pounds 47.40 a week on housing; pounds 13 on fuel, light and power; pounds 47.70 on food; pounds 11.10 on alcohol; pounds 5.40 on tobacco; pounds 16.40 on clothing and shoes; pounds 35.30 on household goods and services; pounds 10.20 on personal goods; pounds 42.90 on transport; pounds 40.90 on leisure and pounds 1.80 on other items.