Jet's burst tyre delays flights

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ABOUT 40 aircraft were diverted from Gatwick yesterday on one of the busiest travel weekends of the year when an aircraft tyre burst during take-off.

The incident, involving an Adria Airways DC9, put the runway out of action for more than an hour while the aircraft was towed away.

Holidaymakers were warned to expect delays of up to several hours, although a spokeswoman said travellers should check in as usual. 'The runway is fully operational now, but there will be some knock-on effects,' she said.

No one was hurt during the incident involving the DC9, which was taking off for Ljubljana in Slovenia just before 8am with about 100 people on board.

About 267,000 people were expected to pass through the airport at the weekend.

Elsewhere, some flights were slightly delayed by a go-slow by French air traffic controllers.