Job worries 'begin at 12'

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A PICTURE of the extinction of childhood and the age of innocence was painted today by a survey of young people in Britain.

Children of 12 were more worried about getting a job than riding bicycles with friends, according to the survey, sponsored by the TSB.

Only 3 per cent of 12- to 18-year-olds questioned were untroubled by war and crime and enjoyed hobbies and messing around with pals.

The survey showed that 28 per cent of the 600 questioned spent most spare time looking at a television or computer screen, lack ambition and do not like parties. One in four is keen to settle down and has no wild ambition. They were mostly 16-plus and from the Midlands. Nearly one in four was confident, ambitious, a perfectionist who sees hard work as a key to success, while 22 per cent could be described as rebels who hate exams and like parties.