Jobs for the Ministers

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FIFTEEN current Tory MPs or ex-Cabinet Ministers are directors or consultants. There are 18 directorships and consultancies covering almost every electricity company.

Norman Fowler: was Secretary for Transport, privatising National Freight; now director of National Freight.

Peter Walker: Secretary for Energy, privatising British Gas; director of British Gas.

Norman Tebbitt: Secretary for Trade, privatising British Telecom; on the board of British Telecom.

Lord Young: Secretary of Trade and Industry, regulating Cable and Wireless; chairman of Cable and Wireless.

Giles Shaw: Minister for Industry, privatising British Steel; director of British Steel.

Sir Michael Marshall: adviser to Cable and Wireless and British Aerospace; Rt Hon Kenneth Baker, adviser to ICI and adviser to Cable and Wireless; Jack Aspinall, consultant to British Airports Authority; Andrew Bowden, consultant to Southern Water; Ian Bruce, consultant to Southern Electricity; Simon Coombs, consultant to British Telecom; Alan Haselhurst, consultant to National Power; Andrew Hargreaves, consultant to Midlands Electricity; Giles Shaw, director of Yorkshire Water and director of British Steel; Philip Gallie, parliamentary liaison officer, Scottish Power, with use of car and private health care.

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