Journalist denies sex with neo-Nazi

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A HIGH COURT libel jury is to hear evidence that Jani Allan, a South African journalist who once saw a psychiatrist over her lack of interest in sex, was seen through a keyhole making love with Eugene Terre-Blanche, the neo-Nazi leader.

Charles Gray QC, representing Miss Allan in her damages claim against Channel 4 Television, told the jury yesterday that her former Johannesburg flat- mate, Linda Shaw, would give evidence for the defence that she peeped into Miss Allan's bedroom and saw a 'large, male, naked bottom' belonging to Mr Terre-Blanche.

Miss Shaw claimed she watched the leader of the extreme right AWB party having sex with Miss Allan, who was also naked.

Her evidence - described by Mr Gray as 'utter and complete invention' - also alleged there were two bodyguards in the bedroom. 'It is not clear whether they were participating or watching,' Mr Gray commented.

Miss Shaw, expected to be called as a witness by Channel 4, would also claim that four months later, in September 1988, she got drunk with Miss Allan and accompanied her to a 1am rendezvous with Mr Terre- Blanche. She alleged she watched from a wall as the couple kissed, embraced and fondled for half an hour in the back of Miss Allan's car.

Mr Gray said the jury would also have to test the truth of a claim by Marlene Burger, a former newspaper colleague of Miss Allan, who said Mr Terre- Blanche proposed to Miss Allan by telephone in April 1989. Miss Burger claimed Miss Allan was thrilled, discussed wedding plans with her and asked her to be her bridesmaid.

The allegations were 'utterly unfounded and wholly untrue', Mr Gray said.

Miss Allan, 38, is suing over a programme which she says libelled her by making it quite plain she had a sexual affair with Mr Terre-Blanche, who is married with a daughter.

Yesterday she denied having a sexual relationship with Mr Terre-Blanche. She did not find him physically attractive. She told the court: 'I've always thought he looked rather like a pig in a safari suit.'

She said one of the reasons for the failure of her marriage was that she had a 'lack of interest in sex'. She had consulted a psychiatrist about this.

Channel 4 says its film, The Leader, His Driver and the Driver's Wife, never suggested an affair and argues that such an allegation would be justified because Miss Allan did have an adulterous relationship with the AWB leader.

Mr Gray said the programme portrayed Miss Allan, now of Hampton Court, Surrey, as a 'little cheap and a little tarty'. It described her as a gossip columnist and a former model and hinted she was a 'lady of easy virtue'.

The hearing continues today.

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